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Your Personal Monthly Nutrition Review and Feedback

I ask all my weight loss clients to take photos of what they typically eat and drink over a short period. You can decide whether to send these to me in real time or later via Facebook message or Whatsapp.

This process has a number of functions:

  1. It helps you to become more aware of exactly what and when you’re eating/drinking and your portion sizes. Most of us know deep down what we should and shouldn’t be eating. When we become accountable for our decisions we make better choices. Awareness is the key.
  2. I am able to vary the amount of feedback I give depending upon your needs. Some people need more help than others, some just need to know they’re on the right track. I don’t believe in writing long nutritional plans for every client as everyone is different.
  3. If your diet does need a lot of attention, doing a monthly diary allows you to focus on two or three changes per month. This is more sustainable than trying to change everything at once and you’re more likely to stick to it. That way you form new habits you’re not overwhelmed.
  4. Doing things monthly means that you keep on top of it. I personally can stick to eating healthily for a few weeks, but after a while it’s easy for me to lose focus and get off track. Having a monthly “check in” makes you accountable and more likely to stick to your dietary goals long term.