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Our core service

A solid structured exercise program

Three personal training sessions a week


A more balanced approach to your diet

This is our simple recipe for success

There’s a misconception that you have to be at the gym every day to get results, or that training is repetitive and boring. We have tried to meet both of these issues head on. We make sure that the training is varied and fun so that boredom will not be an issue.Targeting a variety of muscle groups in one session means that you burn more calories! Three sessions a week gives us the intensity you need to rapidly see visible changes to your body shape. As we work Monday to Friday, it’s easy to fit sessions around your working week which will leave your weekends free for your family, friends and social life. We don’t expect your training to take over your life – our aim is that health, fitness, and wellbeing becomes an important part of your life but not the sole focus of it.

Additional services
Holiday program

We are all entitled to a holiday and we all deserve on from time to time. For those of us that are really into our exercise, this does sometimes pose a problem. To be fair though with a little thought and planning there is no reason whatsoever to not exercise whilst on holiday. That’s if you are so inclined of course.

Training in a gym all of us can get a little tunnel-visioned about our training. We all tend to stick to the exercises we are comfortable with, good at or just simply the ones we can lift the most weight with.

Training on holiday actually is a great opportunity to work on those body weight moves that are beneficial for all of your joints and give you overall strength.

Using the Programme creator we have, it is easy to put an effective intense exercise plan in place for you whilst you are on holiday. That is of course if you want it.

We do not expect you to be training every week every year however if you find yourself starting to get that bit twitchy whilst on holiday we can find a solution for you.

Home program

As a Personal Trainer Clapham is great as we get to work out of a state of the art gym. We are very fortunate to have all the latest equipment and space to complete great workouts. However, there will be times when you are unable to get to the gym and use us effectively. This does not mean that you have to go without a workout.

We are more than able to write you a specifically tailored home exercise plan using equipment that we can advise you on purchasing. We use a very good tool for creating programs that have full videos and pictures of exercises that can be specific your goal. So no matter what there will be something you can do.

One of the biggest challenges we find with clients is that they are unsure of what they should be doing when they are not training with us. We try our very best to educate and give you all the tools you need to have a great effective workout even if you are unable to get in to see us.

Exclusive group training classes

Although we really do prefer to work 1-2-1 with our clients there are massive benefits to working out in a small group. The added little competition factor will push anyone in a small group.

One of the greatest aspects of being in a gym is the social side. The chance to meet like-minded individuals is really understated in our opinion.

We train a couple of times a week in small groups with our clients. This definitely gives them a chance to “get their own back” on us and we usually end up having to put a lot more effort in than we usually would when training on our own.

We have always kept these groups small as we want to pay attention to what is going on so that the best workout is had by all.

These sessions are open to all our clients and please ask us about them as it is a great way of adding that little boost to your training plan.

Monthly tracking of results

Whether your goal is to be able to run a marathon, lose a certain amount of weight or fit into a certain pair of jeans or dress, you need to be tracking your progress more regularly.

If you’re not measuring your progress, how do you know that what you’re doing is having any effect? Whether you use a tape measure, a timer, a set of scales of indeed your clothes as a guide is unimportant. The important part is that is that we review your progress regularly to make sure that your actions are moving you towards your desired goal.

Also it keeps you focused on why you’re coming to the gym in the first place.

Once your long term goals are in place with a target date we can work backwards and put into place monthly achievable goals which we can track.

If we are both tracking progress inside and outside of the gym we can see what needs to be improved upon as well as rewarding your achievements.