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A solid structured exercise program

Three personal training sessions a week


A more balanced approach to your diet


“I work a lot of varied hours, some in terms of extremes where I am doing 70 hours 80 hours a week than other when I do 40. So I think to really work with someone that can work around my schedule was the number one benefit for myself.”


In Lyxury Retail

“The difference Paul made was that he really gave me the inspiration I needed to get out there and do extra exercise at home, to do weight training at home, and also he really kept an eye on my diet in the first few sessions I had with him.”


Presenter at BBC News

“I actually have to turn up, I can’t get out of it. It has made a difference, I feel a lot more supple, I am better at yoga, I do not have the aches and pains in my knees and joints that I was beginning to get at my age. And it has been fun.”


Business owner