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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I train with you?

Most of our sessions are done at Clapham Junction Fitness First which is a state of the art gym with pretty much every bit of training equipment that you will have seen in a while. We have great changing facilities also so you can leave and head wherever you are off to straight away from the train station.

We will be Shortly delivering Personal Training in the Lancing and Shoreham areas however not at this time.

Do I need to have a gym membership to train with you

You do not need to become a member of a gym to train with us. We have a mixture of clients who are and are not members. If you are only going to have 1 or 2 Personal Training Sessions per week it would obviously be important to have the use of a gym so that you can complete the other prescribed workout.

How long is each session?

All of our Personal Training sessions are 1 hour.

To get the very best out of your training I have put together a program that requires you to put in 3 sessions a week to achieve your goals. This will achieve the best results being realistic in creating a work-life balance. Exercise is important however this in combination with a healthier more balanced approach to your eating is where you will see the best results.

Are you going to put me on a strict diet plan

We don’t believe in crash diets and restrictive plans, that said your eating is of paramount importance no matter what your goals. Helping you to make better choices in the long term is much more successful. We do this through a monthly photo food diary and then focus on 1 or 2 things per month that will have the greatest effect but also be sustainable.

Have you worked with people like me before?

We try to look at people as individuals and because of that we have trained people from all walks of life with all manner of goals. Some of our clients had never set foot in a gym before seeing us and need a little more support to get them on their way. Others are seasoned gym goers who are looking for that little extra “push” in their training.

Whatever your goals or situation you will be treated as an individual and we will do a consultation session before we even strat to get as much information from you as possible.


How often should I train?

Obviously, the more effort you put into your training the better the results will be. Three times a week will see great results within a month. Any extra training can be discussed and programmed in to get the very best results for you as an individual.

Whether you choose to see one of us 3 times per week where we will oversee all your sessions or once a week where will set your “weekly plan” for you to do on your own, you will get results.

If you can get extra exercise in along the way great, but 3 sessions should be something to aim towards before even considering that.

Can I train with a friend

Training with a friend is a great way to keep your motivation up. Both of you will be there pushing each other on with a little bit of friendly competition. We charge 20% more to do joint sessions which means its a great saving for the both of you on a single session.

I have an injury: can I still train?

If you have an injury or long-term condition that has been diagnosed by a professional then we are happy to help and can design a programme around any treatment you may be receiving. Currently, we have clients recovering from all kinds of Musculoskeletal conditions as well as other more serious conditions. There is always “something” you can do.

If you have an “undiagnosed condition” it is suggested to at least go and get a clear cut diagnosis before training. That way we can make sure any training in beneficial rather than damaging. We work closely with a few local Physiotherapists, Massage therapists and other professionals in the area.


Are their changing facilities at the gym

Yes, we have great Showers and changing facilities at the gym which means you can come in get your training done get showered and then off to wherever you are off to.

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