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Being a Personal Trainer in London and getting up at 5:30 in the morning I do not really fancy doing anything other than drinking a massive pot of coffee. Over the years lead me to make my time in the kitchen as efficient as possible.

I have come up with a few things that are both time saving and easy to do and I am going to share those with you now. (Yes, I get up at 5:30!!!)

Focussing on healthy eating I think is a combination of good nutrition as well as making it simple to follow and stick to. Putting processes in place that aid you in this are key to success.

So I have put a few photos in of my actual kitchen in and its contents in terms of all electrical equipment and manual implements. As you can see my kitchen is not massive and my cooker a bit dated but that doesn’t matter at all as long as you know how to use it.

I actually like cooking, however I do not have time to be doing it 3 times a day and make sure I get all those precious “Macros” in!!!  #protein!

The main point of my blog is to show that with a little bit of thought and pre planning whatever you have you can make the most of it. At first this will take a little effort but just as the gym was hard at the start it gets easier and more a part of your life over time.

Time challenges are probably the biggest faced by my current clients, so hopefully I can point you in the direction of some possible solutions that you can take away and use. After all there is very little point in me going on about what I do if it is not possible for you guys to repeat it!

So coming up are the photos of the things I have and why. You have to figure  out for yourself if some of these things might work for you, and if they do I have done my job.

So in no particular order whatsoever…

The kitchen of a Personal Trainer

How does the kitchen of a Personal Trainer look like?

What does the kitchen of a Personal Trainer look like?

Like I said I am up early, and I do like a good couple of coffees before I start my day. Now I have said this my current clients at Fitness First Clapham Junction Station will understand why I am so enthusiastic at 6:15 for your sessions!
Large coffee cup
See above!
Small Chopper/food processor
I actually do not have a large food processor as I find that even though they save effort, the cleaning afterwards is a pain in the arse! Remember I need to things to be quick and easy. I have a small one which I use a lot for vinaigrettes for my lentils. I make pastes for my home made curries and I also use it to make a paste for my “pulled pork”
I know everyone loves a nutribullet at the moment (other blenders are available) however I just have a normal run of the mill blender. I use this for liquidising soups and curry sauces as well and making up smoothies. I would just suggest you get one with a decent motor as if you are making vegetable soups it will need a bit of oomph! I also use the blender to whisk my eggs when making a frittata or omelette  makes them really fluffy.
Roasting bags
I absolutely love roasting bags and they save time because can marinade stuff in the fridge for a couple of days then just whack individual bags straight into the oven. I put sausages, chicken, fish, in them and can do a few days worth of meals on Sunday and just roast one at a time. really simple.
Tin foil
I love fish wrapped in tin foil with lemon and herbs, again this is really simple and easy to do then just throw in the oven!
Paper towel
I normally do not bother however, it is useful to put particularly fatty food on before serving to reduce the amount of oil if needed!
Freezer bags
I buy meat in bulk so I freeze it down in portions that I only have to take out a certain amount at a time so I do not waste food. Also really good if you want to marinade meat of fish in the fridge for a couple of days!
See first two on list!

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