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Having the right tools makes it all easier.

Large chopping board
Having a decent sized chopping board makes cutting a bit safer as the block is not sliding all over the place. Also for chopping herbs and grating salad stuff it is far better to have a good size as not to drop stuff all over the floor. (trust me I am messy so it saves time sweeping the floor afterwards)
Sharp knife
Get a decent “sharp” knife and look after it. Having a blunt knife is dangerous as you will find yourself putting more pressure on it to get through whatever you are trying to cut.
I have a decent grater as it’s perfect for salad stuff also very important for my other love other than coffee: Cheese! I also use it for zesting limes and lemons for flavourings for fish and meat!
Good tin opener
Self explanatory. I like not having my fingers cut to pieces by the jagged lid so I have a decent one.
Slotted spoon
I use this when getting poached eggs out of a pan!
Fish slices
A good one of these will help with your omelet and frittata as well as turning delicate fish so it doesn’t break!
Use these to not burn your fingers, simple!
Measuring cups
I like new recipes, some are in American measurements and they use “cups”. I now have cups which takes the guesswork out of it. Again this also helps me with my portion control!
Decent set of kitchen scales
I am a natural overeater so I am not good with “portion control” every now and then I measure my “high energy food”  i.e rice, pasta and potato so that I am not loading up on too many calories. When cooking a new recipe it’s great to have an exact weight rather than just guess with your eyes.
Fairly explanatory, draining lentils and veg!
Protein shaker
What Personal Trainer wouldn’t be seen dead walking round the gym without a protein shaker in hand right?
Large water bottle
I make up a bottle of green tea the night before so that I have something to drink during the day, I do flavour it with lemon as green tea can be a bit much on its own!


Using numbered containers will help you store your food efficiently.

Plastic containers
So once you’ve made these curries and salads and soups you’ll need somewhere to store them. Seriously, if you take nothing away from me today other than a new found love for “plastic containers” I will be happy. These are what you can use to store your food safely in the fridge, take your meals to work the next day and if needed reheat your meals and eat out of wherever you may be.
As you can see I have numbered the lids and boxes, trust me with the amount I have it’s well worth doing. I have  a selection of sizes and just make sure it is a proper sealable lid if you’re taking a liquid i.e. soup to work with you. It is not much fun cleaning your work bag when your lunch has gone everywhere! I do a lot of large batch cooking so i can freeze several portions and take out the freezer in the mornings or as needed. As for the numbers on the lid and bottom of them trust me this will save you a lot of agro.


No need for many tools, but quality is everything.

Rack for roasting tins
I roast a lot of chicken legs and thighs as they taste better than boring chicken breast. By putting them onto a wire rack the excess fat drips off but I still get a decent flavour. I also make a mean carrot cake so use the rack for cooling. However coming in at 1200 calories a slice it’s not something I do very often, it’s definitely a treat!
Small frying pan
I use the small one for frittatas, perfect sized for a three egg omelet/frittata
Large frying pan
I love salmon, steak, and homemade burgers, a decent non stick frying pan is really important you can drain the fat off of meat if needed.
Large saucepan
I use this all the time for almost everything as its not stick as well as being oven-proof! Because my flat is and old electric cooker I am unable to use a proper wok for stir frys. However this comes pretty close if i really let it heat up! I say large so that I can cook several portions of something at a time which I can then pot up and freeze!
Large mixing bowl
I eat a lot of salad and I also make up a lot of quinoa, lentil, bulgur wheat type salads which I store in the fridge. This way I have them already made up and easy to get to. Having a good sized bowl helps you to mix the salads as well as any vinaigrette you may have made to pour over.
Loaf tin
I use this not for bread but for meatloaf. Most of my food is high in protein and a meat loaf is a great way to get something in that is a bit different!

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