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Are you Searching for Weight loss Clapham Junction?

There are a lot of people searching for weight loss Clapham Junction. This whole blog is on the subject of how you chose to spend your weekly calories. If you are looking to lose weight then you are going to have to consume fewer calories than you put in.

How you choose to go about that is down to you and there are different options.

Most of within reason get paid a finite amount of money per year. We have to budget for our less exciting things like our bills, food and travel to work. However, if we are wise with our money we have plenty left for fun things like holidays, socialising, hobbies and planning for our future. Some of us are really good with saving others are constantly living on their credit cards and overdrafts!

I think this is very similar to how a lot of us  “spend” our calories!

OK, so money and calories are not the same, however, I think the parallels are worth exploring: after all, a good analogy can usually help us to see things from a different perspective.

Most of my clients have goals that are linked to aesthetics, desiring a visible change in body shape.

They want to look better in a well-fitted work dress or have a business suit with a waistband that is not causing a lack of breath or discomfort whilst at work or in meetings.

Not everyone is wanting that chiselled six pack, most would just be happy with feeling more comfortable and having a flat tummy.

To lose weight we need to create a “negative energy balance”. That’s a scientific term for use more calories than you have put in. To make this happen you need to do one of two things or a combination of the two (which is way more effective):

  • Either you reduce the amount of energy going in (i.e. look at your eating), or
  • Increase the amount of energy going out by doing more exercise;

What’s the link to “spending”?

Here’s where the link to spending money comes in:

I currently exercise about 4 times per week. This means I definitely have a few extra calories in the bank come the weekend. I also am really good with my eating from Monday to Friday which means I have saved up even more.

I know that for me to stay the same weight I need to eat about 3000 calories/day or 21000 in a week. On this example, we have talked about losing weight so for me to do this I need a deficit of about 3500 calories over a week.

Personally, I am a saver, so from Monday to Friday I would chose to eat about 2500 cal/day which means I have already “saved” 2500 over 5 days. In addition my workouts, probably near another 2500 calories that have been used up. So by this point I am already 5000 cals down. That is getting on to 1.5lb.

Now then, my problem is that I like a meal out at the weekend. Who doesn’t, right? However, even if I eat 3750 calories on both days I have still only totalled 17500 calories for the week, which means I will lose about 1lb!

So, as long as you spend your calories carefully you can still have a treat.

Other ways of “saving”

There are other ways of saving. My friend and top nutritionist Drew Price wrote a great book on the benefits of Intermittent Fasting. This very simply put it choosing one or two days where you reduce your intake. It has major benefits other than great fat loss.

If we take the analogy again this way you can spend your calories on most days however there are some days where you reduce your spending to the bare minimum. In fact, those days you just have an evening meal based of good non processed foods. If you do this you can drastically reduce your weekly calories in a different way.

I do feel that looking at your calorie intake over a week rather than on a daily basis makes it easier to balance your books, regardless of whether your goal is a reduction in weight/shape or, as I am just about to explain, an increase in muscle.

If your goal in the gym is to gain muscle you need to maintain a “positive energy balance”. In a nutshell, you have to eat more than you use.

Further to that you need to be hitting your muscles in the gym hard enough to stimulate the growth (I will discuss that in another blog).

So, using myself as an example we know, to stay the same weight I need 21000 in a week, and my workout cost is 2500 calories, so I need to make sure I have eaten about 27000 in a week, which will give me an excess of 3500 calories.

Now I can go all out and get 3800/day, or I can try my hardest to hit 4250 on my 4 workout days which mean I don’t have to stuff myself on the other three: on those days I can get away with about 3333 and still hit the right number of calories to help me to grow.

Again, others may choose to have even more on a workout day and reduce the amounts on the others: it really is your choice!

In conclusion, you are in charge of how you spend your money, and most of us spend quite wisely.

Start thinking about spending your calories wisely. If you are looking to lose weight but are still eating more calories than you have used, you will not lose weight. The same is true for weight gain.


If none if this make any sense to you whatsoever and you are looking for weight loss in Clapham Junction. Please feel free to get in touch and we can look at how you choose to spend your weekly calories and finding a solution that works for you.