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Although I do not at this time deliver Personal Training in Battersea park, if you live in close proximity and are looking for Personal Trainer in Battersea then I am only 10 mins walk or a very short bus journey away.

I am at Clapham Junction Fitness First and have access to loads of cool bits of kit aside from the usual dumbbells and barbells found in most gyms.

One of my favourite and I think most fun (because of the types of exercises you can do) is the Sandbell. This is in a lot of my Personal Training client’s programs.

If you have read any of my other blogs you will see that there is an overriding theme…..That is, I tend to write programs for my clients with bits of kit that are underused in the gym as well as being easy to purchase for personal training clients

This serves several purposes

  •  There is always kit available that you can use
  •  Other kit is less intimidating to use than large dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, bench presses and others that “look” scary.
  •   There is no  need to wait for any specific piece of kit or machine
  •  You can keep the momentum up in sessions limiting time between exercises and getting more work in a session
  •  Exercises can be done in a very small space so even when the gym is rammed “a la January and February” your workout is effective keeping your motivation up
  •  The variation of using different bits of kit will stop you getting bored!
  •  It doesn’t matter if you want Personal Training in Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth or anywhere It is easy to put together a plan that you can do at home.

I just try to make workouts as effective and efficient as possible as I am completely aware a lot of you guys out there will find any little reason to abort a session!

If it’s fun and easy to do and complete you are way more likely to stick to the plan and honestly it’s consistency that gets results when exercising.

Personal Training In Battersea Park with a Sandbell

So back to the Sandbell…..

If you have not seen them there are basically an evenly sided “bag” filled with sand.

Looking at the pictures unless you have a few ideas on how to use one you will probably just end up doing similar exercises that you would do with dumbbells and barbells. This is not bad, I just want to show you that they are way better used for more dynamic and in my opinion interesting exercises or “movements”.

I prefer the term “movement” as it gives me more free reign to design something to a client’s specific needs.

An exercise, in my opinion, is to target one group of or one single muscle.  This is perfect if you are looking for size however if you are looking to drop body fat and tone I would say working multiple muscles in multiple movements will achieve better results.  Also if I have a client who plays a particular sport I can recreate the movement in the gym that is required for their sport.

I have always said “Train for your goals, not someone else’s”

So the Sandbell is very useful to recreate a movement used in sport and they are also good for training the whole body. I also use them for my clients recovering from injuries as I can add a different variable on how their foot hits the ground.

By now you’re obviously starting to think, this is great Paul but now how do I bloody use one?

Most of the exercises I use are powerful and use throwing, which is always fun as well as snatches which are very similar to those done with a Kettlebell. The difference being that a Sandbell is soft and much less likely to hurt you if you don’t get an exercise quite right.

I haven’t put any partner exercises in but I am sure if you have a look at them you could work something out.

I have uploaded a video which I have put together using my #shortsharpshock principle. Please check out my other blogs talking about different pieces of gym equipment with the accompanying videos on YouTube.

The idea of the short sharp shock workout was very very simple

  • 6 exercises
  • 1 piece of kit
  • All over body resistance exercises
  • 45 seconds of work with 15 rest
  • Done as a circuit
  • Less than a 20 min workout


If you do the workout like this you can get a decent workout hitting all the muscles in less than 20 mins which means, you are way more likely to fit it in. It is easier to find 20 mins every day than 1-1.5 hours  2 or 3 times per week.

On to the workout…… check the video out where you will see the beautiful fountains and Bandstand within Battersea park.  As you can see it I filmed them way back in the summer and it’s definitely nice to be reminded of the sunshine!

Just remember to do each exercise for 45 seconds then move on to the next with a 15-second rest. Complete all six and then just go back to the start.

If you have extra time you can always do another circuit.

Sandbells Clapham Junction

I hope you enjoy the video and give the sandbell a try next time you are at the gym or you can buy them at a whole load of stores these days.

If you are wondering what weight you should use, just pick a weight that by the time you have done the workout you know about it!

If it was easy, get a bigger one.


On a final note if you are looking for personal training in Battersea and you would like to have a chat about what you need please feel free to give us a call. We are only 10 mins away I would like to think not that scary!

Personal Training in Battesea Park with a Sandbell
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Personal Training in Battesea Park with a Sandbell
Battersea Park is a cracking place to workout. The blog was written to try to get more people using a Sandbell and what sort of exercises you can do with them.
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