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Hi there, for those of you who don’t know who I am my name is Paul Chipp and I am a Clapham Junction Personal Trainer. Today’s blog is all about exercise with the Vipr. It follows on from what few of my other blogs that have all been focussed on exercising with just one piece of equipment.  So far I have created plans including just bodyweight “ a “kettlebell“ and  a “bosu 

For those that haven’t read any of my previous blogs or see my videos on “youtube” the whole premise was simple:

3 Circuits using

1 piece of equipment

6 whole body multi-muscle multiplanar exercises

45 seconds of work

15 seconds of rest

exercise with a vipr, lunge with shoulder pressexercise with a vipr, side lunge with tilt to the floorexercise with a vipr, lunge with rotation



Which if the correct timings are used means you should have done your resistance training in <20 mins. You can always add more circuits to the workout to increase the volume of work. Time is definitely a factor in many people’s training and I have tried to address that with the structure if the workout, however, what about the piece of equipment that you use?

I currently deliver all of my Personal Training in Clapham Junction. The Fitness First gym Clapham Junction I am in usually gets very busy in the mornings and evenings. Equipment is at a premium, so if you are able to have a repertoire of workouts using only one bit of kit you are at an advantage no matter how busy the gym may be.


So today’s blog is all about the Vipr, and how to exercise with a Vipr

The VIPR was invented by a facebook friend of mine Michol Dalcourt who is a pretty interesting chap who has been around a while in the fitness industry.

VIPR is an acronym for Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning.  Let’s face it marketing needs to be catchy these days doesn’t it? One of their taglines is “bridges the gap between movement and strength training” which I like however I feel it still creates a “them and us” feeling with Functional Training Vs Strength and Conditioning.

It is the big long rubber tube looking thing with handles. The handles are in different positions to replicate different grips that we would use in going about our everyday activities. So for that reason, it is obviously aimed at Functional Training and I love one of their tag lines which is “loaded movement training”

The VIPR came about after Michol who was training hockey players at the time noticed that “the farm kids” were stronger at hockey. He was a little disappointed that with all his current knowledge that kids that came from farms who had never trained specifically always came up trumps.

He then asked a question “why” and in my opinion “why” is one of the most important questions we “trainers” do not ask ourselves enough.

What he came to realise was that their lives had been filled with daily activities where they were shovelling, lifting, squatting, crouching, rotating, lunging, pushing, and pulling. What’s more, they never trained in isolation, they used varying loads and varying speeds, this is obviously very “functional”

The seed was sown.

So, how do you create that in a gym environment how do you get all of those movements replicated? A piece of equipment was created, the Vipr, exercises with a Vipr,  and education for loaded movement training.

The VIPR has 3 handles which allow for several different movements and reactions when changing the grip. I still see most people using the VIPR as a normal weight, which is cool but I think you are missing a trick as there are way more possibilities with the tool.

The weights vary from 4-26kg and this is deliberate as most of our normal daily activities would not be done with much more!

Some exercise with the Vipr, you may want to do slowly in which case pick a heavier weight, some quick in which case a small.

All the exercises have been placed into “series” and in true functional training,  are all designed to manipulate gravity, ground reaction force and momentum.

So there is a:

Lift series

Shift series

Tilt series

Flip series

Carry series


I do think these are good however a lot of them are just exercises to learn with just another loading tool. There is nothing new here. 

The structure of their series is nice but obviously like all exercises you need to pick the right ones programmed in the right way for your goal.

Over that last 14 years of my career, I literally cannot tell you how many “products” have promised so much and yet failed to deliver because not  because they are not great tools, but because the trainer using it doesn’t really understand how to use it and programme effectively.

I want to say that I do not think any product is bad I just think that the trainer using it needs to understand the human body.

I do think the VIPR is a good tool, the thought process behind it is great and the education around it is also of a pretty high standard. In the right hands, it is very useful, however, if it is just used to do bicep curls you may be missing out on its true potential.

Functional Anatomy has come a long way in short space of time, we now have a much better understanding of how the human body works and that all the muscles, joints, bones nervous system and fascia all work together and that training these in “isolation” seems a bit silly.

There is still so much more to learn and I continue my education every year.

The company I study with is called Faster Global and is run by a man called John Hardy who after 8 years of knowing him still challenges me to learn more and keep asking the “why” whenever I speak to him.



Exercise with a VIPR – Short sharp shock workout

So here’s the video that I have created with the #shortsharpshock principles please give the exercises a try and if your gym is super busy I’m pretty sure there will be one free.

I have just read this back and feel it may be very matter of fact I promise to write a more fun one next!

The things I wanted to get across today

  • VIPR is great tool and has a great “why” behind it
  • If you know how to use it effectively it is extremely functional
  • Functional training manipulates gravity, ground reaction force and momentum.
  • It is not the piece of equipment, it is the trainer
  • It is not the “exercise” it’s the programming
  • Exercise with a Vipr is really good if you are pushed for time
  • Education should always be “ongoing”
  • Oh and a programme of exercise with a VIPR
  • Check out the Vipr homepage for more info


If you want a whole load more exercises to try please check out my Facebook and Instagram posts!


Clapham Junction Personal Trainer, Paul Chipp explains how to exercise with a VIPR
Article Name
Clapham Junction Personal Trainer, Paul Chipp explains how to exercise with a VIPR
Clapham Junction Personal Trainer, Paul Chipp explains how to exercise with a VIPR This blog is all about the Vipr and how you can get a really effective workout done in a very short time. My name is Paul Chipp and as a Clapham Junction Personal Trainer I try to get my clients using a variety of different pieces of equipment in the gym. The Vipr is a favourite of mine and I have put in a short workout for you to go and try on your own.
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