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For those who don’t know me, I’m Paul Chipp, a Personal Trainer in Clapham Junction.

Like most of us, I managed to get some massive gainz over Christmas and – to be perfectly honest – I really enjoyed my family roast meal on the south Coast of England. Sadly, most of my gains – I fear – may not quite have been muscle!

Oh well, it was worth it and even as a Personal Trainer, I still have a life beyond Fitness, I am not a slave to my diet nor my exercise. There is more to life than the Gym and high protein low carb eating!

I try to think of everything over a yearly cycle and then if i have one month where i do not eat as well or train as hard, I know i should have another month where i can pick it back up again. Its really that simple.

Having this type of thinking means i am not as tough on myself as i used to be or have any guilt over eating something that i wouldn’t normally have, or training a little less that i normally do.

I see too many people looking at the scales beating themselves up or worse still judging themselves terribly over their “bad eating” at Christmas or lack of exercise in the Gym. This behaviour is not beneficial and seriously, if you have really overdone it… it’s too late. What’s done is done, you cannot go back and un-eat all the food, you cannot go back in time and exercise more or drink less than you did. However…

What you achieve in the New Year is completely 100% down to you and something you can effect!

January is almost upon us, I am currently sat at home after doing three Personal Training Sessions at my Gym in Clapham Junction in London. I have really enjoyed the sessions because right now is when I am asking all my clients what their New Year’s Goals are. I have a wide range of clients with the usual Fitness Goals as well as the slightly more “interesting”.

With clear cut Fitness Goals in mind it is easy to track results

I too have looked at my personal goals and as I have a beach holiday coming up in 3 weeks my goal is really simple: trim myself down so that i can fit into my Board Shorts again! Oh, and as I am going on a Kitesurfing Holiday, I need to be able to move my whole body with lots of 3 dimensional exercises as this replicates what i need for the sport I am going to be doing for two weeks.

The point is, I have looked at what I actually want (my goal), and then I have decided to put action in around my nutrition and exercise to get me ready so that I can fully enjoy my holiday.

I am lucky that as a Personal Trainer, I am aware of how I need to eat, how much I need to train and what other things I need to do to achieve this. I am also lucky that I have a fully equipped gym with as much equipment as I could ever want in.

However, I really do wish to emphasise that you do not need tonnes of equipment to get started with exercise. You also do not even have to join a Gym. There are literally thousands of exercises you can do at home. You can start to eat better and cook more.

There is no real reason for you not to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and start with some form of exercise specific to your fitness goal.

If you do not even know where to start with exercise and healthier eating is to ask someone for help. I have found that as adults we have a desire to try and do everything on our own. and we certainly do not like to ask for help with something.

I would like to point out that I have learnt everything I have ever been taught, from someone else… Think about that, for a second.

If you do not know how to do something go and ask someone who knows how to do it. Maybe someone like a Personal Trainer? LOL

If you are lucky enough to be a gym member obviously most of you will know by now January is an “interesting” time. Everyone will be in there from about the second week in and some will be very focussed.

A lot of people will not be able to do their “normal” workouts and what I would suggest is that January is a great time to look at different ways of training and different equipment.

My reasoning  for this is that I have noticed a lot of people walking out of the gym because it is “too busy”. I think what they really mean is that they can’t get the piece of equipment they are used to using. So because they are unsure of alternatives they choose to go home.

In Fitness First in Clapham Junction we are lucky to have Kettlebells, Sandbells, Dumbbells, TRXs, Medicine balls, Barbells, VIPRs, Core Momentum Trainers, Bosus, Boxing Gloves. This list is not exhaustive. Seriously, there will always be something you can use no matter how busy the gym is. If you have a large repertoires of exercises and techniques at your disposal there should be no reason for you to head home.

Learning new things is very good for us also and stops us from becoming stagnant in our programming.

After reading through all of this I have realised I have waffled on loads so I am going to try and just put into a couple of concise bullet points what I have tried to get across.

  1. Christmas is gone you’ve done what you’ve done (or not done): there is nothing you can do about it!
  2. There is no point in feeling guilty about it, and this – in fact – is not beneficial;
  3. Think of your fitness goals over a year which allows you to account for “peaks and troughs” ( try to have more peaks 🙂 );
  4. You are responsible for what you achieve this year;
  5. Set a goal and then work out your training around that goal;
  6. You do not need a gym;
  7. Ask someone for help if you do not know how to do it on your own;
  8. The gym will be busy in January;
  9. By learning new things it doesn’t matter how busy the gym is you can still get a good workout in.