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Claire, Head of Sales for Europe, training with Paul Chipp

I’m Claire and I am Head of Sales for Europe for an interior design company. I decided to train with Paul Chipp because he pestered me on the gym floor. No! All jokes aside, I did a couple of taster sessions with him and just noticed how I enjoyed coming to the gym more, changed my whole workout.

I used to just come here and just go running and didn’t touch a weight as I was absolutely terrified of ending up looking bulky, but he has changed my attitude about that completely.

I now lift weights, do interval training, it’s more fun, it’s quick, you can build it in the morning or the evening, just get it ’round your busy work schedule.

Ultimately we have fun doing it and lots of laughs. So far, in the last 3 months of really committing to this, I have noticed huge changes, I actually get up, and actually want to come to the gym, loosing weight, toning up, just over all having more energy.

So take my advice and definitely come and train with Paul Chipp.