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My name is Alexander Wells-Greco, I’m currently working in the luxury retail environment based in Knightsbridge, where I look after the look and feel of a department store. Why did I want Paul Chipp as my Personal Trainer? Well, I think first of all, in terms of his flexibility, I work a lot of varied hours, some in terms of extremes where I am doing 70 hours 80 hours a week then other when I do 40. So I think to really work with someone that can work around my schedule was the number one benefit for myself.

Apart from that he is terribly approachable and think there’s also an honesty in term of his desire to help people as a Personal Trainer. He doesn’t come from any commercial gain.

In terms of kind of training before to be completely honest I have been very lazy. I have spent the last 15 years making the focus of my professional growth my number one priority, and within that there have been some sacrifices.

Naturally I have travelled the world, been to wonderful places, but that’s had an impact on my not only physical attributes but also in term of my fitness levels.

Why is Paul different as a Personal Trainer? I think number one he really listened to me. I didn’t start training with Paul just to basically say “I wanna look good with my clothes off”. My number on priority was my fitness levels and I think as I have go older, I’m not that old but in mid-thirties. I actually don’t feel as fit as I did in my twenties. That has been my number one goal.

I think really over the last 6 months of us working together, apart from obviously loosing body fat, I feel generally fitter.

This has had a lot of positive influence in terms of my daily life, you know obviously I am more energetic at work, my job function is very hands on so within that I need to have level of fitness that allows me to work a lot of anti-social hours.