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Kristie - HR Business Partner within Financial ServicesWhat do you do for work?

I work as an HR Business Partner within Financial Services. I’m office/desk based and like many, work-life balance is an ongoing challenge!

What made you want to train with Paul?

Paul was recommended to me by a friend a year ago who was impressed with how quickly he had identified issues that her previous trainer had not.

As a longtime sufferer of lower back pain, the result of an old netball injury, I was surviving on a
mix of painkillers and anti-inflammatories when we first met. My primary goal was simple – ditch
the pills and be pain-free which seemed a tough ask at the time.

Paul was quick to assess me (if memory serves through an array of multi-directional lunges and other exercises that made me laugh out loud at my ‘wobbliness’) and he initiated a call into my physiotherapist to confirm that we were
on the right track before progressing further.

We had a plan !

What have you tried before to help with your goals and why didn’t you like it?

Over the years I’ve dipped in and out of the gym. Ironically back pain has a nasty habit of restricting
the day to day when you actually just need to keep moving.

Why is this different ?

Functional training was new for me and I really enjoy it. I don’t really enjoy classes so this gives me
the ability to do my own workout without having to use a load of special gadgets or weights.
Paul is straight talking and has heard all the excuses under the sun about why things haven’t worked
before, so for me he was able to challenge me on why I hadn’t had time to exercise and pushed me
to think of exercise as an investment in myself. This prompted me to make some longer
term changes and I now work from home one day a week to ensure I can fit in a regular session
each week.

Paul constantly adapts each session to my ‘issues’ which means if I’ve had a set back (invariably
from sitting at work for too long) then I’ll leave a session in a much better state than when I arrived.

What have you achieved so far?

Within 6 weeks or so of training with Paul I’d beaten my initial goal and was relatively pain free and
no longer taking painkillers which was quite literally a life changing achievement.

Over the following 6 months I progressed to running (non- stop) my first ever 5km charity run
around the common, something I thought I’d never have been able to achieve previously.
And whenever I’m too tough on myself Paul can be relied upon to gently remind me of how much
progress I’ve made !

HR Business Partner within Financial Services