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Personalised Holiday Workout Programming

We are all entitled to a holiday and we all deserve on from time to time. For those of us that are really into our exercise this does sometime pose a problem. To be fair though with a little thought and planning there is no reason whatsoever to not exercise whilst on holiday. That’s if you are so inclined of course.

Training in a gym I think all of us can get a little tunnel-visioned about our training. We all tend to stick to the exercises  we are comfortable with, good at or just simply the ones we can lift the most weight with.

Training on holiday actually is a great opportunity to work on those body weight moves that are beneficial for all of your joints and give you overall strength.

Using the Programme creator I have, it is easy to put an effective intense exercise plan in place for you whilst you are on holiday. That is of course if you want it.

I do not train myself when I am on holiday however most of my trips are fairly active anyway. I do not expect you to be training every week every year however if you find yourself starting to get that bit twitchy whilst on holiday we can find a solution for you.