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Have you worked with people “like me” before?

Sitting here writing this I have had to think about the answer to this. In the last 11 years of my career I have come across most situations and most challenges. I have trained over 1000 people with various goals, on different continents and even on cruise ships. So I...

I have an injury: can I still train?

With my knowledge of Functional Training I am able to work with someone with an injury as long as you have been diagnosed. I would obviously love any contact with your Physio or could in fact recommend someone who I rate very highly.

How often should I train?

Obviously the more effort you put into your training the better the results will be. Three times a week will see great results within a month. Any extra training can be discussed and programmed in to get the very best results for you as an individual.

How long is each session?

To get the very best out of your sessions I have put together a programme that requires you to put in 3 hour long session a week into your goals. This will achieve the best results in a combination with improved eating.