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Someone I know had been to a personal trainer, so I thought I’d give it a go and was recommended the Fitness First down at Clapham Junction. So I popped in and met Paul Chipp and been working with him now for 3 or 4 months…


I used to just come here and just go running and didn’t touch a weight as I was absolutely terrified of ending up looking bulky, but Paul has changed my attitude about that completely….


I work a lot of varied hours, some in terms of extremes, where I am doing 70 hours 80 hours a week, then others, when I do 40. So I think to really work with someone that can work around my schedule was the number one benefit for myself….


Frequently Asked Questions

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Have you worked with people “like me” before?

Sitting here writing this I have had to think about the answer to this. In the last 11 years of my career I have come across most situations and most challenges. I have trained over 1000 people with various goals, on different continents and even on cruise ships. So I think I will have come across people “like you” before. Having said that I am always up for a challenge.

I am seeing a doctor/physio for a condition: can I still train with you?

As long as you have a full diagnosis I am very comfortable in working with anyone. I have specialised in working with people who are currently seeing other Professionals for a range of issues. I am more than happy to discuss with anyone what direction is best for the training to go in and things to avoid or include in the fitness programme.

Have more questions?

Feel free to browse my FAQ section, to find your answers, or contact me for more information.

Paul Chipp's FAQs

“To work with someone that can work around my busy schedule was the number 1 benefit for myself”
Alex, Designer in Luxury Retail

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