Titanium Bodies Pricing

I am not trying to be vague by not placing my prices on here.  The main reason is that it all depends on you and how much or how little support you need from me.  Please feel free to contact me for a chat to find out more.

No matter how many sessions a week you decide upon, I provide a personalised programme tailored to your individual needs. You’ll see noticeable results regardless of how many sessions you do, however three sessions a week provides optimum results in a shorter time period. Find out more about my simple recipe for success here.

Three sessions a week gives you the intensity you need to rapidly see visible changes to your body shape. I never recommend training every day of the week – you need a healthy balance between training and the rest of your life!

Don’t forget that, as well as your individually tailored 1-2-1 session, you’ll have access to the following great benefits:

  • A personalised monthly nutritional review and feedback
  • Monthly in-depth tracking of results to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals
  • Tailored holiday programming so you maintain results when you’re away
  • A home training programme for those times when you physically can’t make it into the gym
  • Sessions that are specific to your goal and evolving as your fitness levels increase